Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is always a foremost choice of all the furniture buyers. Not only these are old-school, but thanks to top craftsmen in Hong Kong who craft them elegantly, these furniture items gives your house a cool vintage-y look. It speaks of class and reflects your eloquent choice to your visitors. So contact any furniture seller of Hong Kong now and order that beautiful piece of wooden rocking chair that you have always wanted for your study.

Takad Furniture

Takad Furniture

Takad, with an experience of three decades, has been ruling the furniture industry of Hong Kong. Their wooden furniture items are designed and crafted by their top and experienced professionals. Beside their solid materials, vario...
EMOH Modern Furniture Shop
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EMOH Modern Furniture Shop

Emoh Design, with their extensive collection of products, is a leading destination for all designer furniture buyers in Hong Kong. A retailer and reseller of world’s top brands like American Oak, Hay Wood, Plumen, Plywood design...
The Wood
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The Wood

It is no secret that The Wood offers the most stunning looking wooden furniture in all of Hong Kong. Their top and experienced craftsmen ensure that their items are unique in look comparatively, with elegant design. Made from hard...
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Shambala Furniture

Using materials like rosewood, walnut and oak, Shambala,  a leading supplier in Hong Kong, offers the best wooden furniture. Combined with faux leather and different fabrics, their chair and bench collection makes up for the perf...
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Wood Shop

Are you looking for decent wooden furniture? We all know, in this crowd of modern furniture, how hard your search can be. Wood Shop in Hong Kong, fills in your this craving for timber furniture with some of their magnificent items...
Igloo Homeware
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Igloo Homeware

With their ‘passion for wood’, Igloo Homeware is a home of the largest collection of furniture items. Based in Hong Kong, Igloo imports most of their products from different countries like Japan, Thailand and Taiwan, which mak...
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Wood Dimension

Wood Dimension is one of the largest second hand markets of home furnishing items in Hong Kong. Their collection of wooden furniture, made from various materials like oak, rosewood and walnut, offers many different varieties in te...
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In this contemporary world, the good’ol traditional wood furniture is just as adored by everyone. And why not, top manufacturers like MadeHK of Hong Kong are offering wide varieties, specific for different purpose and rooms. The...