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Refurbishing your home or office will involve a lot of planning and budgeting, with furniture taking up the biggest chunk of the financing. But when chosen right, the furniture you buy should serve you well for decades. The beauty about furniture is that it comes in such a wide variety that you cannot fail to get something that is within your budget and style expectations. But, as it is with a lot of things, when it comes to furniture, what you pay for is what you get. Hong Kong furniture stores understand this well. They also understand that not everyone is in a position to pay HK$80,000 for a sofa, which is why they make cheaper varieties of all kinds of furniture available. Visit any of the many furniture stores in the city to choose from a wide variety of furniture that includes both modern and classic concepts.

The furniture industry in Hong Kong is layered with both international furniture chain stores and local furniture companies. Both types of stores offer a combination of the modern and the trendy, with some of these stores falling in the high end category with steep prices on all products, and other stores being considered more affordable options. Some renowned names include BoConcept, Indigo Living, Home Essentials, Decor8, IKEA, and Pricerite. Newer establishments offering a commendable product range include Manks, Amelie & Tulips, Chenmiji, and Tree, a specialty store that deals in eco friendly furniture only. Most of these store la offer contemporary furniture fashioned to match modern day living standard. Their pieces are well designed, perfectly constructed and smoothly finished for an elegant look. The retailers combine simple designs and intricate designs, giving everyone a chance to own furniture in their preferred style. It doesn't matter whether you choose to shop in large, multi chain furniture store or a small store with only a free hundred square feet of store space. What matters is that you're able to get the right furniture for your space. And most furniture stores in Hong Kong understand this and will go out of their way to avail the very best in a given category of furniture, regardless of whether they operate a sole outlet in the city or have outlets spread all over the city. Many furniture stores sell premium imported furniture, getting their products from Europe, USA and Canada. There is also a good volume of furniture made by local and regional manufacturers in the market.

Traditional furniture may be thought to belong to the past, but many people around the world are coming to terms with its unique beauty and expert craftsmanship. In Hong Kong, this hasn't escaped the eye of some. To ensure constant supply of traditional furniture to those who need it, many furniture stores in the city regularly source for this type of furniture, giving home owners plenty to choose from. A lot of the traditional furniture you find in stores here is made from solid wood and durable metals like wrought iron and steel. These remain some of the most popular materials used in furniture making to date, and even though many other modern materials have been invented, metal and wood still have huge appeal and beauty. If your budget allows for it, you certainly should have one or two pieces of this furniture. The traditional design of this furniture was ornate and elaborate, and this is echoed in the different traditional collections found in furniture stores here. To cut costs and make this furniture more affordable, some manufacturers opt to use wood-based products instead of solid wood, while impressing the trademark ornate detailing of traditional furniture to give the products the unique traditional look. Instead of clean, straight lines, curves and bends are generously and deliberately used to make this furniture stand apart. A few traditional armchairs in your living room, traditional dining set, or traditional style headboard, which you can buy in furniture stores here, will create a charming allure in your space. Other furniture styles you are likely to find in traditional furniture stores in Hong Kong are classic, vintage, antique, and country style furniture.

Modern furniture has to be the most popular type of furniture in the Hong Kong market today. Not surprising, given how diverse and polished this style of furniture is. With so many people desiring to make their homes look modern and stylish, buying contemporary furniture be ones the natural option. Furniture stores in Hong Kong have done a fine job in providing a wide selection of modern furniture for home and office use. Unlike traditional furniture, contemporary furniture embraces plenty of sleek lines and very little detailing. Many furniture designers and manufacturers follow this basic guideline when designing and making modern furniture. The resulting product looks clean, minimalist, and elegant. A lot of the items you'll find in homes across the city fall in this category, with many sofas, couches, day beds, tables, cabinets, bar stools, beds, dressers, and kids' furniture fashioned in this manner. Materials commonly used to make contemporary furniture in Hong Kong include aluminum, wood veneers, MDF, particle board, stainless steel, wrought iron, cast iron, glass, resin, polyurethane, leather, and fabric. Each of these is durable and will satisfactorily serve you when you take good care of the furniture as advised by the manufacturer. You can use only modern furniture in your rooms to create an all-modern look. You can also mix up your modern pieces with a bit of traditional furniture, country furniture, classic furniture or any other style for an interesting look.

If you're in the market for home furniture, you are going to be well taken care of, thanks to the many furniture stores dealing in home furniture. These stores are spread all over the city so there is bound to be one near you. Home furniture stores carry an extensive variety of product, with living room sets, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture and cabinetry, bedroom furniture sets, bathroom furniture, kids' furniture, hallway furniture and outdoor furniture all available in a broad variety. The most popular furniture items in these categories are sofa sets, love sets, sofa beds, recliners, ottomans, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers, bookcases, dining tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, beds, headboards, benches, dressers, chests of drawers, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, vanities, and kids' furniture. Many home furniture stores also sell outdoor furniture. Although there are a number of stores specializing in garden and patio furniture in Hong Kong, you can still purchase outdoor furniture in select general furniture stores. Popular outdoor settings available are garden benches, outdoor dining sets, outdoor lounge sets, sun loungers, poolside furniture, bar stools, hammocks, slides, beanbags, and armchairs. You can buy your home furniture in sets if you want to achieve a harmonized look. If you prefer a more casual, laid back look, consider buying your furniture in singular pieces instead of sets, as this gives you room to play around with different shapes, designs, colors, textures, and materials for a fully custom look.

For office furniture, there are many furniture stores where you can buy this type of furniture in Hong Kong. The office furniture market has greatly changed from what it was in the 1950s, when the furniture used in offices was primarily made in traditional style and design. Today, many more styles exist, and all lean towards modern office furniture designs. The choice of colors on modern office furniture is wider than ever before, and you can create custom office interiors using color specific office furniture. Buy office chair and desk combos, computer desks, workstations, filing cabinets, wall cabinets, storage furniture, reception desks and chairs, waiting area seats, office lounge couches, conference room furniture, boardroom tables and chairs, cubicles and modular units, and executive chairs and desks. Many furniture stores also offer a range of office ergonomic furniture solutions. Some too solutions you can consider for your office space are ergonomic desks, ergonomic computer desks, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks. When picking ergonomic office furniture, choose models that are adjustable in order to have full control of the height, seat depth, and recline of each individual furniture. This also makes it possible for different people in the office to share the desks or chairs, as each worker can customize the chair to the settings that are right for them.

Give your living and working space a brand new look with products from the top furniture stores in Hong Kong. These stores avail a wide selection of premium furniture for all applications. From cozy couches and sofa sets, armchairs and ottomans for relaxation in the living room to elegant dining tables and chairs that can host formal dinners, luxurious beds that turn the bedroom into a haven of peace, compact and comfortable kids' furniture in colorful shapes and designs, and more, you will find everything you need to transform your home here. For your office, there are lots of office furniture sets, desks, chairs, storage units, executive chairs and desks, and modular furniture that you can consider buying.